Documents Help

Because we cannot control the file formats of the various documents we receive, the files we present may be of a type that your computer is not setup to read.

The file format we use most often is the Portable Document Format (PDF). This is a very common document format that most devices can read. In case your viewing device is not setup to read PDF’s or other file formats we present, we’ve provided information below on where you can go to obtain readers/viewers for the more common file formats we receive.

Desktop Document Readers:

Portable Document Format: (PDF) Get Reader
MS Word Documents: (DOC or DOCX) Get Reader
MS Excel Document: (XLS or XLSX) Get Reader
MS PowerPoint: (PPT) Get Reader

Check your application store, provider, or repository.

Virus found / warning / notice, etc.?
We receive documents from a wide variety of sources and therefore, before posting them, we scan each for viruses. Some antivirus software package settings will allow the program to issue you a Warning or a Notice, to alert you of a possible threat- not that a virus was actually found but that the potential is there. If you are unable to view or obtain a particular file because of a “Virus Found” notice:

  • Inform us of the fact (see Website Committee on the Board of Directors section of the About Us page) and we will look into it. In some cases and if time permits, we can attempt to provide you a text version of the desired file via email. Also, we do provide printed versions of some online content on the HHIA’s Community Bulletin Board- for the bulletin board location, see bottom of the right-hand sidebar.
  • Visit the file using a different protected computer- your antivirus software may be giving you a false positive- in which case, you should contact the program provider for instructions.