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Diamond Bar Business Expo
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Sheriff’s Cyber Security Forum
April 14, 2017 (Friday)
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Signage within Hacienda Heights:
Note from our Code Enforcement Committee:
On Friday March 3rd-10th myself and Mr. Rudy Obad distributed copies of the county codes to a number of businesses that have the portable flags in and on top of the bldgs. We just explained to the people that they were not authorized. We stated that these flags were considered portable flags under county codes. Some have been taken down, and others are still up. I will continue to monitor this until they are all down.

Re: Planning and Zoning. Chapter 22.52-  Gen. Regs. Part 10–signs22.52 990 prohibited signs designated Part F:
Any strings of pennants, banners or streamers, clusters of flags, strings of twirlers or propellers, flares, balloons, and similar attention-getting devices, including noise-emitting devices, with the exception of the following:
1. National, state, local governmental, institutional or corporate flags, properly displayed,
2. Holiday decorations, in season, used for an aggregate period of 60 days in any one calendar year;”

Sanitation District is holding a meeting in regard to a proposed rate increase and a public hearing is scheduled on May 24, 2017 at 1:30pm.
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Hacienda Heights Library Closed for Renovation
The Hacienda Heights Library Renovation project schedule has been moved up and thus construction should begin sometime in March. Therefore, the HH Library will be relocating temporarily to Steinmetz Park on February 21st. See Flyer
Students that currently utilize the library after school and are in need of a place to go to, should check with Steinmetz Park. They may be able to provide an after school program for these students.

Update: possible reopening- late Spring 2017 time-frame.
Remodeling effort (“May not be exact”)Here

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