Meeting Minutes- August 19, 2013

The Hacienda Heights Improvement Association

Meeting Minutes
August 19, 2013

LOCATION: Hacienda La Puente Unified School District, 15959 E. Gale Ave., Industry, CA
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE: The Pledge was led by Maury Edwards
John Eckman, Maury Edwards, Chris Kakimi, Sandy Keat, Jeffrey Lin, Brent Palmer, Lucy Pedregon, Mike Williams, Jeff Yann, Hanny Zamora
MINUTES: Minutes of the July 15, 2013 meeting were approved unanimously on motion by Maury Edwards, seconded by Chris Kakimi.
TREASURER’s REPORT: Expenditures of $242.40 were recorded for activities associated with Jim Davis Beautification Day and payment to the County for Taste of the Heights. Additional receipts from Taste of the Heights and interest, as well as cancellation of a check for newsletter printing in the amount of $193.86 resulted in additions of $244.15 producing an account balance of $6,735.44. The check for printing will be reissued.
Town Sheriff Brian Sanford reported that burglaries are down this year. He continues to encourage Neighborhood Watch programs. More effort is being placed on identifying taggers. Dickie Simmons stated that Supervisor Knabe pays for graffiti removal at any time day or night.
Hacienda Heights resident Ted Chang, along with a large group of his neighbors, reported on excessive partying by one of his neighbors on Ember Glen Ave., with loud music, profane language and excessive disturbance on a nearly daily basis. The group was directed to Sheriff Sanford and told to call the Sheriff’s station for each occurrence, regardless of frequency.
PROGRAM: Dickie Simmons introduced Steve Jareb and Ai-Viet Huynh from the LA County Department of Regional Planning who provide zoning enforcement in Hacienda Heights. Ms Huynh has principal responsibility for correcting code violations and should be contacted when such conditions are observed. Enforcement of trash can storage is handled by Public Works.
Laura Kung reported on Congressman Royce’s work to support a delay in implementation of portions of the Affordable Care Act. She also noted that she will be in classes at Biola College for the next several months on Monday nights, but will be available during the day.
Dickie Simmons once again reminded residents that coyotes are active in the hills and may stray into the community seeking water or food. These are wild animals and it is best not to leave items outdoors that may be attractive to coyotes. Nuisance coyotes are euthanized if captured by County workers.
Amy Boteilho reminded residents that the library will continue to operate as a cooling center through the summer. Several programs will be presented in September now that schools regionally have gone back into session.
OLD BUSINESS: No old business was discussed.
NEW BUSINESS: Jeff Yann provided a summary of discussions and recommendations from the Funding Committee. These recommendations will be sent to all Board members for comment and possible adoption at the September Board meeting.
Mike Williams summarized the revisions he has prepared to the HHIA By-laws. These revisions both update the by-laws to current conditions and reflect desirable changes. An additional revision will also be necessary if some of the Funding Committee recommendations are adopted. The revised by-laws will also be emailed to Board members for consideration at a future meeting. If approved, ratification by two-thirds of the members at a special meeting will be required.

• Code Enforcement: Brent Palmer: Reported on a drive through with Ms Huynh to view various code enforcement problems he is following. He also noted that equipment parked at the “Great Wall” project is currently blocked on-site by a County barricade and little progress is being made to correct problems there. A substantial improvement has been observed in trash clean-up around the Mr. Swiss restaurant.
• Community Relations: Sandy Keat: Reported on the service club event in which volunteers packed 300 backpacks with school supplies for donation to local school children. She also described activities by Hacienda Heights service clubs and local events.
• Environment: Jeff Yann: Reported that efforts to allow access to Orange Grove Park from neighborhoods along Ameluxen Avenue from the existing school ramp have been turned down by County because of concerns that the ramp will have to be modified to conform to modern ADA standards. Discussions are ongoing with the school district to possibly allow park access through the school gate during times when school is not in session. He also reported on a potential settlement in the litigation to stop the Whittier Oil Project.
• Membership: Adria Ybarra: No report.
• Newsletter: John Eckman: The next newsletter is scheduled for September. Mike Williams will provide an article on the by-laws change.
• Parks & Recreation: Maury Edwards: Reported that six Eagle Scouts were honored at Schabarum Park for projects completed there. He also reported on future activities at Schabarum Park and the Steinmetz Senior Center.
• Programs & Website: Chris Kakimi: Reported that he is working on changes to the website with the website committee. Members interested in posting reports on the website should communicate with him. Hanny Zamora will be preparing a more detailed proposal for Board consideration regarding future work on the website.
• Public Relations: Mike Williams: Described the process for approval of HHIA’s by-laws and asked how many audience members were members of HHIA. At least 8-10 audience members responded with raised hands.
• Public Safety & Health: Lucy Pedregon: Reported on a recent experience where a burglar pretending to be a utility employee entered her home. Such burglaries are becoming more common. Residents were encouraged to use cell phones to photograph these individuals and their identification badges, if possible. She described the process of forming a Neighborhood Watch group with her neighbors.
• Streets & Highways: Jeffrey Lin No report
• Water & Utility Services: Joan Licari: No report.
• Zoning: Hanny Zamora: Described recent cases submitted to Regional Planning, including two garage conversions, with a recommendation that no action by HHIA was required. She was encouraged to prepare a letter outlining a position on garage conversions for Board consideration.

PRESIDENTS REPORT : Announced that HHIA’s tax returns for 2012 have been filed. He also announced that a home division previously discussed by HHIA is scheduled for consideration by the Planning Commission this week.

PUBLIC INPUT: Former Assemblywoman Sally Havice complimented HHIA on its attention to community issues and noted that many of these issues are common to cities throughout the area. She also announced her candidacy for State Senate.

ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 9:01 P.M.

PREPARED BY: Jeff Yann, Secretary