Meeting Minutes- July 15, 2013

Meeting Minutes
July 15, 2013

LOCATION: Hacienda La Puente Unified School District, 15959 E. Gale Ave., Industry, CA
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE: The Pledge was led by Hanny Zamora
John Eckman, Maury Edwards, Chris Kakimi, Joan Licari, Jeffrey Lin, Lucy Pedregon, Mike Williams, Jeff Yann, Adria Ybarra, Hanny Zamora
MINUTES: Minutes of the June 17, 2013 meeting were approved unanimously on motion by Mike Williams, seconded by Adria Ybarra.
TREASURER’s REPORT: Expenditures of $193.86 and $97.91 were recorded for printing of newsletters and membership envelopes, respectively. Income of $365.27 was received from Taste of the Heights and interest resulted in an account balance of $6,733.59.
CHP Officer Al Perez reported that 40 DUI arrests were made by CHP officers from the Santa Fe Springs office over the July 4 holiday. He also cautioned residents to verify that their vehicles are properly maintained before leaving on long summer trips.
Town Sheriff Brian Sanford reported that a suspect who threatened three young people with a gun was apprehended and arrested. He also described a daylight purse snatching in a Hacienda Heights residential area and advised residents to maintain awareness of their surroundings even when situations appear safe. Sheriffs participated in an ABC sting which resulted in a brief closure of the Sunset Room for violations. He has also issued eight citations for homeless found drinking or urinating in public places.
PROGRAM: Diane Oranda of LA County Public Works responded to concerns raised by HHIA Board members and audience members about garage conversions that result in cars being left in streets or parked on lawns. County requires each residence to have covered parking for two vehicles and will not approve a garage conversion that does not conform to these requirements. Homes with less parking space are not in compliance and will be issued a corrective action warning if reported or detected. Violators are given several opportunities to comply and may be fined up to $2,000 if they refuse.
Samantha Marquez reported from Assemblyman Ian Calderon’s office on several upcoming activities sponsored by the assemblyman. She will be the new representative serving Hacienda Heights.
Dickie Simmons provided tickets from Supervisor Knabe for the August 8 Hollywood Bowl concert. He also warned residents of the constant threat to homeowner’s pets posed by coyotes in areas near the hills, and warned that items attractive to coyotes should not be left outdoors. He also advised that the citrus quarantine remains in effect although no new infestations have been reported.
The Hillgrove Community Center is 16 per cent complete.
Trucks and other vehicles continue to park along Stimson Avenue between Sigman and Lujon. This area is also designated as a bike lane although no room exists to accommodate both parked vehicles and bicycles in this area. All other bicycle lane areas along Stimson do not allow curb parking. Public Works will investigate.
James Yang summarized the County’s investigation to date of providing screening plants along Hacienda Blvd. The most feasible solution appears to be planting these plants near the walls, allowing gaps at street tree locations where wheelchair access would be restricted. County expects a final proposal in three months.
John Eckman reported on behalf of Amy Boteilho that the library will continue to operate as a cooling center through the summer and the summer reading program continues through August 17.
OLD BUSINESS: Maury Edwards thanked HHIA Board members who were able to help with Jim Davis Beautification Day and reported that, despite a reduced turnout (125 volunteers) and liability waiver requirements, the event was still quite successful. HHIA received a third place award for its parade entry.
NEW BUSINESS: No new business was discussed.
• Code Enforcement: Brent Palmer: A written report of issues Brent is investigating has been emailed to Board members.
• Community Relations: Sandy Keat: No report.
• Environment: Jeff Yann: Reported on decision to restrict access to Orange Grove Park from neighborhoods north of the park and presented a letter requesting reconsideration from the existing ramp into the school at Ameluxen Avenue.
MOTION: Moved that HHIA should send a letter to Supervisor Knabe with a copy to Dickie Simmons requesting an evaluation of feasibility for providing access to Orange Grove Park from Ameluxen Ave.
Moved: Jeff Yann Second: Hanny Zamora Approved: 9-1-0
MOTION: Moved that the letter be amended to state that community input must be considered if this access is provided.
Moved: John Eckman Seconded: Joan Licari Approved: 9-1-0
Jeff also provided input from the Puente Hills Landfill CAC and HOSEC meetings.
• Membership: Adria Ybarra: Reported that revised membership renewal envelopes have been printed and renewal notices will be sent out shortly.
Adria also reported on website training, preparations for the 2014 Annual Dinner, status of activity on the Great Wall, and recommended that those interested in HLPUSD Superintendent selection attend Thursday’s school board meeting.
• Newsletter: John Eckman: The next newsletter is scheduled for September.
• Parks & Recreation: Maury Edwards: No report.
• Programs & Website: Chris Kakimi: Instructions will be emailed to members for website access.
• Public Relations: Mike Williams: Input from Board members was requested regarding areas of HHIA’s bylaws requiring consideration for revisions.
• Public Safety & Health: Lucy Pedregon: Reported on serious consequences that may result from heat afflictions during summer months and provided suggestions to avoid these problems.
• Streets & Highways: Jeffrey Lin No report
• Water & Utility Services: Joan Licari: Reported that work on the Tehachapi transmission project has been slowed by required design changes. She also warned of the dangers metallic balloons cause to power lines when arcs are induced between line phases. She also warned that drought conditions this year will require limited water use.
• Zoning: Hanny Zamora: Described 14 recent cases submitted to Regional Planning, with a recommendation that no action by HHIA was required.

PRESIDENTS REPORT : Thanked Maury Edwards and other July 4 and Beautification Day volunteers for their support to holiday activities.

PUBLIC INPUT: An audience member reported monthly trash bill increases resulting from the landfill closure will be about ten per cent.

ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 8:54 P.M.

PREPARED BY: Jeff Yann, Secretary