Meeting Minutes- June 17, 2013

The Hacienda Heights Improvement Association

Meeting Minutes
June 17, 2013

LOCATION: Hacienda La Puente Unified School District, 15959 E. Gale Ave., Industry, CA
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE: The Pledge was led by Maury Edwards
John Eckman, Maury Edwards, Chris Kakimi, Sandra Keat, Joan Licari, Jeffrey Lin, Brent Palmer, Lucy Pedregon, Mi8ke Williams, Jeff Yann, Adria Ybarra, Hanny Zamora
MINUTES: Minutes of the May 20, 2013 meeting were approved unanimously on motion by Mike Williams, seconded by Hanny Zamora.
TREASURER’s REPORT: An expenditure of $1,000.00 was recorded for Directors and Officers Insurance per Board approval in May, 2013. Interest income of $0.33 resulted in an account balance of $6,660.09.
Jeff Yann reported that the motion providing for inclusion of the No on the Dump fund as a separate HHIA account was introduced on July 17, 1995 and provided for management of that fund independent of the HHIA Treasurer until one year after closure of the landfill. John Eckman will verify approval of that motion in minutes of that meeting. These funds will continue to be reported separately in the monthly Treasurer’s Report.
CHP Officer Al Perez reported on a motorcycle/van collision during the morning that resulted in fatalities in the Santa Fe Springs office jurisdiction. He also noted that CHP has been able to assist in enforcement on County roads when personnel availability allows such assistance. SF Springs has about 100 officers.
Town Sheriff Brian Sanford that thefts of third-row SUV seats continues and there has been an increase in commercial burglaries. He described an arrest involving a suspect caught trying to sell cell phones to the owner of the shop from which they were stolen a few days before. If notified, Sheriff’s deputies will monitor homes whose owners are on extended vacations.
PROGRAM: No program was presented
• HLPUSD Board President Jay Chen reported that the early start school calendar has been highly successful. Newton middle School and Wilson High School have been honored for their achievements. He also reported on the candidate search to replace Dr. Nakaoka as Superintendent.
• Amy Boteilho reminded the Board that the Hacienda Heights Library is designated as an official cooling center during the summer. She also reported that the summer reading program will continue through July..
OLD BUSINESS: Maury Edwards reported that letters have been sent to 10 potential participants in Jim Davis Beautification Day as well as notice that insurance requirements will make it necessary for participating organizations to either demonstrate coverage for their participants or sign waivers relieving HHIA of responsibility for possible mishaps. Because of these additional requirements, he stressed the need for assistance from Board members.
Jeff Yann reported on the meeting held by the ad hoc Funding Committee on June 4. Recommendations included: 1.) Developing a Fundraising Committee of community volunteers chaired by a Board member if HHIA chooses to conduct fundraising events, 2.) Develop an annual budget considering both expenses and revenue sources, and 3.) consider possible increases in dues and board member contributions.
Adria Ybarra reported on preparations for HHIA’s 2014 Annual Meeting. It will be held between 6 and 8 PM at the Steinmetz Senior Center on January 24. County will cover costs for use of the Center. The committee is developing the program and soliciting gift items for door prizes. She also advised that the City of Los Angeles is considering an ordinance to ban use of plastic and paper bags in the city.

MOTION: HHIA to prepare a letter commending Superintendent Nakaoka for her service to HLPUSD.
MOVED: Adria Ybarra Seconded: Lucy Pedregon Motion passed unanimously
NEW BUSINESS: No new business was discussed.
• Code Enforcement: Brent Palmer: A written report of issues Brent is investigating has been emailed to Board members. He also discussed concerns regarding trash accumulating at the recyclables collection center on Gale Avenue near Turnbull Canyon Road. He will draft a letter to property owners requesting their assistance in correcting these problems.
• Community Relations: Sandy Keat: Reported on activities occurring in the community by Kiwanis, the Homestead Museum, Hsi Lai Temple, and Mount SAC. She also advised that the YMCA needs volunteers to work as summer camp counselors.
• Environment: Jeff Yann: Reported on construction progress at the Orange Grove Middle School park and concerns that neighborhoods north of the park do not have direct access.
• Membership: Adria Ybarra: Reported that HHIA has 323 Life members, 62 Annual members and 6 complimentary members.
• Newsletter: John Eckman: Electronic distribution of the newsletter has been completed and mailed copies will go out this week.
• Parks & Recreation: Maury Edwards: Described upcoming events and presentations at Schabarum Park, Santa Fe Dam, and the Steinmetz Senior Center
• Programs & Website: Chris Kakimi: The website has been modified to allow Board members to upload reports and photographs. Instructions will be emailed to members.
• Public Relations Mike Williams: Reported on the Four Corners Transportation Coalition meeting. A significant problem will be posed by a projected population increase of 5 million people in the four major southern California counties in the next 20 years.
• Public Safety & Health: Lucy Pedregon: Reported on hazards created by makeshift bombs being created as a prank by area teenagers. Some of these devices can be quite hazardous. She also emphasized the importance of volunteering as organ donors. Each person can save up to eight patients needing an organ transplant.
• Streets & Highways: Jeffrey Lin No report
• Water & Utility Services: Joan Licari: Reported on California’s Solar Initiative, which provides significant rebates for installations of home solar photovoltaic or water heating installations
• Zoning: Hanny Zamora: Described recent cases submitted to Regional Planning, with a recommendation that no action by HHIA was required.
PRESIDENTS REPORT : Reported on Anthony Duarte’s birthday celebration and reminded Board members regarding HHIA activities during the July 4 holiday.
• An audience member reported on dangers of dry ice bombs and bombs designed to create highly explosive hydrogen gas under pressure. He also advised that the trial of the suspect in the St. John Vianney Church arson case is scheduled to begin next week. He also advised that Hacienda Heights may soon require a gang injunction as a result of gang activities relocating to our community from nearby neighborhoods which are limiting gang activities.
• Jean Robsen expressed concerns about poor attendance at the Taste of the Heights event at Carolyn Rosas Park.
• A resident expressed concern about health hazards associated with dog droppings on Hacienda Heights sidewalks.

ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 9:20 P.M.

PREPARED BY: Jeff Yann, Secretary