Meeting Minutes- May 20, 2013

The Hacienda Heights Improvement Association

Meeting Minutes
May 20, 2013

LOCATION: Hacienda La Puente Unified School District, 15959 E. Gale Ave., Industry, CA
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE: The Pledge was led by Mike Williams
John Eckman, Maury Edwards, Chris Kakimi, Sandy Keat, Joan Licari, Jeffrey Lin, Lucy Pedregon, Mike Williams, Jeff Yann, Adria Ybarra, Hanny Zamora
MINUTES: Minutes of the April 15, 2013 meeting were approved unanimously on motion by Mike Williams, seconded by Sandy Keat.
TREASURER’s REPORT: Expenditures of $210.42 were recorded for expenses associated with printing of the newsletter and the HHIA banner for the July 4 Parade. Income of $95.61 was recorded for interest and membership dues, resulting in an account balance of $7,659.76.
John Eckman presented a bill for HHIA’s storage unit for $955 for the next year. The final bill may deduct $99 in insurance charges which may be covered by HHIA’s insurance. Jeff Yann stated that it was agreed that the Landfill Committee would pay for one more year of storage. A review of files requiring permanent storage will be required to determine future storage costs, which, along with the payment for D & O insurance, will add nearly $2,000 to HHIA’s annual cost.
Town Sheriff Brian Sanford reported that crime statistics for Hacienda Heights again show a reduction in serious crimes. He also reported an arrest for burglary at a Hacienda Heights home. One suspect was caught but two other escaped.
PROGRAM: No program was presented
• Claudia Cruz, District Director for Senator Ron Calderon, reported on legislation proposed by the senator. She also reported his opposition to a bill seeking to extend closing times at bars. This bill was defeated by the Senate. Calderon is seeking to organize a town hall meeting to address health insurance issues.
• Dickie Simmons reported on upcoming events including Taste of the Heights and Concerts in the Park. He also expressed his sorrow for Hacienda Heights resident William Gilbert who was killed in Afghanistan May 14.
• Dickie advised that residents should be watchful for detrimental activities involving Monarch’s Gentlemen’s Club, now that it has opened, and report any concerns to county personnel.
• Amy Boteilho reported on upcoming library events. The summer reading program will begin in June and will emphasize food information.
Adria Ybarra reported on recommendations by the Annual Meeting Committee (Attached). This committee will oversee preparations for the 2014 Annual Meeting in accordance with committee recommendations.
MOTION: Adopt Annual Meeting Committee recommendations as presented
Moved: Adria Ybarra Seconded: Hanny Zamora Approved: Unanimous

Adria Ybarra reported that significant progress has been made on updating the HHIA website. Hyperlinks are being added and provisions have been made for Board members to upload reports to the website.

Insurance requirements for Jim Davis Beautification Day were discussed. HHIA’s D & O insurance will not cover an event this large. Kiwanis is reluctant to cover this event and will be unable to participate this year. Some participant organizations may be able to cover their members. Others will have to sign a waiver letter releasing HHIA from responsibility for participant safety. Other avenues will be explored between now and HHIA’s June meeting and a final determination regarding advisability of holding the event will be made at that time. Preparations will proceed on the basis that the event will be held.
• Code Enforcement: Brent Palmer: A written report of issues Brent is investigating has been emailed to Board members.
• Community Relations: Sandy Keat: Reported on activities occurring in the community by Kiwanis, the Homestead Museum, Hsi Lai Temple, and a Memorial Day concert honoring Kenneth R. Huey who was a POW during the Vietnam War.
• Environment: Jeff Yann: Reported that CSD will honor HHIA’s request to continue CAC meetings on a quarterly basis through landfill closure operations. He also reported that County DPR met with Supv. Knabe and staff to reaffirm their interest in proceeding with park development at the landfill site and thanked the supervisor for his support.
• Membership: Adria Ybarra: Reported the need to order additional HHIA membership envelopes.
MOTION: Authorize $185 for an order of 500 envelopes
Moved: Adria Ybarra Seconded: Joan Licari Approved: Unanimous
• Newsletter: John Eckman: The next newsletter will come out in time to announce Jim Davis Beautification Day..
• Parks & Recreation: Maury Edwards: Described upcoming events and presentations at Schabarum Park, including recognition for park employee Chang Eng, as well as events at Santa Fe Dam, and the Steinmetz Senior Center. A Father’s Day event will be held at Steinmetz Park. He also reported on improvements being made to the Schabarum Park Equestrian Center.
• Programs & Website: Chris Kakimi: No report
• Public Relations Mike Williams: Continues to work with the San Gabriel Valley Tribune
• Public Safety & Health: Lucy Pedregon: Announced opening of a 50-year time capsule by the City of San Gabriel and suggested HHIA may wish to consider such a capsule for the new community center.
• Streets & Highways: Jeffrey Lin Reported that concerns submitted by resident Brian Akey have been referred to DPR’s James Yang.
• Water & Utility Services: Joan Licari: A limited EIR/EIS is being circulated to cover aircraft warning devices required for installation on Tehachapi Project ground wires at certain locations. She also reported that the area may experience water shortages because of a dry winter throughout the southwest.
• Zoning: Hanny Zamora: Reported on new code cases submitted to County Regional Planning. One that may attract interest involves addition of a second story to a home on Ridley Avenue.

PRESIDENTS REPORT : Acknowledge appearance by HLPUSD Board members Anthony Duarte and Geno Kwok.
Reported that comments are due on the County Housing Element by May 30.
Sandy Keat, Mike Williams, and Jeff Yann were asked to develop a recommendation to the Board regarding ways in which additional costs described under Treasurer’s Report could be met.

PUBLIC INPUT: No items were reported by members of the audience.

ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 9:14 P.M.

PREPARED BY: Jeff Yann, Secretary