Certificate of Merit Winner- 2012 ROBERT ISAACSON

Hacienda Heights Improvement Association

2012 Certificate of Merit Winner


1981 Puente Hills Landfill Citizens Advisory Committee formed consisting of: Bob Isaacson, Jeff Yann, Wil Baca, Jim Stagner and Millie Hank.  For 32 years, this committee has been active to keep HHIA informed on the dump as part of their EIR process for planned dump expansion.

Bob has been very involved in all three of the CUP processes, both during CAC meetings and in the Conditional Use Permit hearings. Bob provided excellent research and gave insightful testimony in the area of alternatives to landfill disposal.  His testimony contains a good mix of facts with humorous anecdotes.  The County’s great concern about CSD’s claim about “trash in the streets” if the landfill CUP is denied, Bob may have been successful in gaining a more beneficial outcome for our community.

Bob rose to the occasion responding to San Gabriel Valley Cities of Government’s recent attempt to request extension of the landfill.  At their meeting, Bob was prepared to testify in opposition to further expansion.  Bob was also an advocate for eliminating the County barrier at the end of Seventh Avenue, which helped result in the handsome landscaped trailhead that exists today.  Bob has testified at every major hearing for over thirty years and has been the tireless worker with expert knowledge to help solve every major problem HH has faced.

Bob is the man in the background who has always been the dependable advocate.