Certificate of Merit Winner- 2012 MAE CHU

Hacienda Heights Improvement Association

2012 Certificate of Merit Winner



Mae moved from Taiwan to the Hsi Lai Temple and became the community translator, tour guide, in charge of visitors from many parts of the world who come to Hsi Lai Temple, the largest Buddhist Temple in the U.S., a replica of the Temple in Taiwan.  Mae stepped forward to represent the Hsi Lai Temple when residences were still questioning the presence of the “foreign” religion in our community. She put a face to that presence that reflected the nature of the Buddhist people.  Mae has been the major organizer of the Neighborhood Party held on a date near Chinese New Year.  Hacienda Heights residents have attended this party for the past decade or more.  Workshops, entertainment, a banquet and many gifts are presented to attendees.

Mae attended community events and became interested in HHIA.  She joined the board 2007 and has been HHIA’s Public Relations Director from 2007 through 2011.  Mae attended Board of Supervisors’ meetings in LA and every occasion that called for HHIA support. Mae was always first on the bus!

For our Annual Dinner Meeting, Mae has provided pink tablecloths, donation of delicious Spring Rolls, and steamed vegetables, or pasta, or rice — always two dishes which provided much of our meal.

Mae has been our Fourth of July float decorator and loves waving at the crowd from our float.  Her friendly nature and willingness to step up and help with community activities truly contributed to the acceptance of the Hsi Lai Temple as an important part of the Hacienda Heights community.