Meeting Minutes- December 17, 2012

The Hacienda Heights Improvement Association

Meeting Minutes

December 17, 2012

LOCATION:  Hacienda La Puente Unified School District, 15959 E. Gale Ave., Industry, CA


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE:  The Pledge was led by Shan Lee


John Eckman, Maury Edwards, Chris Kakimi, Shan Lee, Joan Licari, Jeffrey Lin, Lucy Pedregon, Jeff Yann, Adria Ybarra, Hanny Zamora

MINUTES:   Minutes of the November 19, 2012 meeting were approved on motion by Adria Ybarra, seconded by Maury Edwards.

TREASURER’s REPORT:  Expenditures of $263 were recorded for HHIA’s bulk mail permit and a get-well gift for Dickie Simmons.  Receipts of $0.71 were recorded from interest.  The account balance is $8,512.61.


HLPUSED Superintendent Barbara Nakaoka requested an opportunity to describe proactive measures being taken to protect students in light of the tragic school shooting event in Newtown, CT on Friday.  She described extensive emergency training for all school personnel and heightened security which reduces public access to campuses during school hours.   She introduced Chief of Police and Safety Anthony Argott who emphasized the importance of security training in dealing with multiple types of on-campus threats and answered questions from the Board and audience.


CHP Officer Al Perez described upcoming DUI check points planned during the holidays.  He also noted that the Santa Fe Springs Division has ranked highly among law enforcement agencies over the last several years.

Town Sheriff Brian Sanford reported that residential burglaries continue to be high and that there has been an increase in thefts of detachable third row seats from large SUV’s.  Neighborhood Watch program volunteers are still being solicited.

PROGRAM:  No program was presented.


Amy Boteilho reported on current and future events at the Hacienda Heights Library, including children’s story time during the holiday school break and a vegetarian green cooking event.

James Yang reported that Seventh Avenue construction will require a few weekend closures of Seventh Avenue intersections at Gale Avenue and Palm Avenue.  Adequate warning and detour signs will be posted.

OLD BUSINESS:  Adria Ybarra reported on status of preparations for the 2013 Annual Dinner, which will coincide with HHIA’s 65th Anniversary.  The Board approved Certificate of Merit presentations to Mae Chu, Mike Hughes, Bob Isaacson, and Sandy Johnson.

NEW BUSINESS:   No new nominations for the HHIA Board in 2013 were received at the meeting.  The six available positions will be served by Sandy Keats, Jeffrey Lin, Brent Palmer, Mike Williams, Jeff Yann, and Adria Ybarra.  .


  • Code Enforcement:  Brent Palmer:  No report
  • Community Relations:   Hanny Zamora:  No report.


  • Environment & Water:  Jeff Yann:  Reported on discussions with Public Works personnel regarding landfill delivery restrictions if the waste-by-rail system is not operational.

MOTION:  HHIA supports waiving the disposal tonnage restriction imposed by the PHLF CUP and will send a letter to Public Works advising them of that position.

Moved by:  Jeff Yann       Seconded by:  Shan Lee         Approved unanimously

Reported on a visit with Parks and Recreation and Sanitation Districts personnel to the Caltrans fill site as a potential addition to the park proposed at the landfill site.  Also reported on the educational program being developed by Youth Science Center for the San Gabriel River Discovery Center expected to be available to high school students early next year.

  • Membership:   Adria Ybarra:  No report.
  • Newsletter:  John Eckman:  Reported that a newsletter was sent out in December.
  • Parks & Recreation:  Maury Edwards:  No report.
  • Programs & Website  Chris Kakimi:  Reported that the domain name expires next year and a ten-year renewal will cost $240.  A two-year renewal is also available.

MOTION:  Renew for ten years for $240.

Moved by:  Maury Edwards         Seconded by:  Adria Ybarra       Approved unanimously

  • Public Relations  Mike Williams:  No report.
  • Public Safety & Health:  Lucy Pedregon:  Provided information on the Community Emergency Response Team(CERT) training program offered by the LA County Fire Department.  This training will be offered in Pomona beginning on January 19, and requires attendance at three sessions on consecutive Saturdays for certification.  She is seeking a future class at Steinmetz Park.
  • Streets & Highways:  Jeffrey Lin   Reported that the Seventh Avenue reconstruction project has been delayed by recent rains and is now scheduled to complete in mid March.
  • Water & Utility Services:  Joan Licari:  Reported on the proposed property tax assessment for the County’s Clean Water, Clean Beaches Initiative.  Unless objections are filed by more than half of the property owners in the county, this measure may be placed on a future county-wide ballot.  Board and audience members provided several comments.  While HHIA has not formally supported or opposed this measure, it may consider a recommended revision to the measure.

MOTION:  HHIA will send a comment letter recommending exemption for publicly owned open space lands that are available for low impact recreation to members of the general public.

Moved by:  Jeff Yann       Seconded by:  Joan Licari          Approved unanimously

Jeff Yann will draft a letter for e-mail distribution to Board members for review.

  • Zoning:  Shan Lee:  Reported that five applications have been filed with Regional Planning.


HHIA Officer elections will take place at the next meeting on January 28, 2013.

Lerna Shirinian now works for Assemblyman Ian Calderon.

Construction on Turnbull Canyon Road will begin soon and will require about three months.

Several Board members expressed interest, as well as concerns, about HHIA’s Facebook page being maintained by volunteer Andrew Yip.  He will be invited to report at the next meeting.


  • Concerns were expressed regarding code enforcement reporting.
  • An audience member advised that the CERT program provides valuable training and that laws regarding Samaritan liabilities have changed.  He also noted an increase in fire ant activity in Hacienda Heights

ADJOURNMENT:  Meeting adjourned at 9:10 P.M.


PREPARED BY:  Jeff Yann, Secretary