Meeting Minutes- October 15, 2012

The Hacienda Heights Improvement Association

Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2012

LOCATION:  Hacienda La Puente Unified School District, 15959 E. Gale Ave., Industry, CA


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE:  The Pledge was led by Joan Licari


John Eckman, Maury Edwards, Chris Kakimi, Shan Lee, Joan Licari, Lucy Pedregon, Mike Williams, Jeff Yann, Adria Ybarra

MINUTES:   Minutes of the September 17, 2012 meeting were approved on motion by Mike Williams, seconded by Adria Ybarra.

TREASURER’s REPORT:  No expenditures were recorded.  Receipts of $1,379.62 were recorded from interest, membership dues and contributions, and reimbursement for a name plate from Brent Palmer.  The account balance is $8,774.18..


CHP Officer Al Perez indicated that no major incidents were recorded during the month.  CHP is awaiting news on grants solicited to support neighborhood programs.  He cautioned care on Halloween in recognition that many young people will be on the streets during twilight hours.

Town Sheriff Brian Sanford that residential burglaries continue to be a problem and advised residents to report suspicious individuals in their neighborhoods.  He also reported an arrest for vandalism, and surveillance being performed on a house where an inspection found a cache of tagging equipment.


Mr. Ed Chavez, Upper San Gabriel Valley MWD Board Member, gave an excellent power point presentation on the world-wide criticality of drinking water supplies.  He provided data on water consumption during routine household activities and advised ways to reduce use, including attendance at USGVMWD events where low-flush toilets are provided to many attendees.  Water use in some countries is as low as 3 gallons per person per day, while average per capita water consumption in the United States, including all water use, is 160 gallons per day.  As population grows and aquifers are pumped out, the world is facing an increasing crisis in both water supply and hunger resulting from insufficient water for agricultural production.


Dickie Simmons reported that the Seventh Avenue reconstruction project has started, and is expected to be complete in February, 2013.  The Colima Road retaining wall near Camino del Sur is complete and barricades have been removed from the bike lanes.

County discussions with Albertson’s Markets to keep stores open in County areas have not been successful and County is seeking new occupants for these stores.

The County Board of Supervisors will consider a recommendation from the Department of Public Works to prohibit pedestrian crossings of Turnbull Canyon Road between Palm and Los Robles Avenues.  If adopted, signs will be posted and violators can be cited.

Amy Boteilho reported on current and future events at the Hacienda Heights Library.

HLPUSD Board Member Anthony Duarte introduced himself and thanked Supervisor Knabe for his actions to maintain the Puente Hills Landfill closure date at October 31, 2012.

OLD BUSINESS:  Adria Ybarra reported that progress is being made on the 65th Anniversary HHIA Annual Dinner to be held at Steinmetz Park on Friday, January 18, 2013.  Donations will be solicited to defray costs to the extent possible.  Forms will be available to nominate residents for notable service to the community.  Nominations will be reviewed by the committee organizing the dinner with ultimate approval by the Board.

NEW BUSINESS:   Shan Lee reported that one potential candidate has been located, but that it is difficult to find residents who wish to serve.  Dickie Simmons encouraged audience members to volunteer in consideration of the important role HHIA plays in advising the County on local issues.  A final slate should be confirmed at the November Board meeting.


  • Code Enforcement:  Brent Palmer:  Written report submitted by email for file.
  • Community Relations:   Hanny Zamora:  No report.
  • Environment & Water:  Jeff Yann:   Reported on actions taken by the Board of Supervisors in response to consideration by the SGVCOG to request that the landfill remain open until October 31, 2018.  Motions by Supervisor Knabe reaffirming the 10/31/13 closure date and authorizing County advocacy in favor of Conversion Technologies were unanimously approved.  He thanked the Supervisor for his leadership on this issue.  He also reported that the San Gabriel River Discovery Center capital campaign is being initiated and a Stakeholder Committee meeting is being organized to advise the Youth Science Center as they develop their environmental education program.
  • Membership:   Adria Ybarra:  Reported that HHIA now has 335 Life members and 69 Annual members, 21 of whom have not yet renewed.  Receipts from the annual membership drive totaled $1,067, including member donations of $587.
  • Newsletter:  John Eckman:   Articles were solicited for a newsletter to be issued in November.
  • Parks & Recreation:  Maury Edwards:  Reported on activities at Steinmetz Park.  He also described scheduling for registration and absentee voting for the upcoming election.
  • Programs & Website  Chris Kakimi:  No report
  • Public Relations  Mike Williams:  Reported that the Highlander continues publication of HHIA meeting announcements.
  • Public Safety & Health:  Lucy Pedregon:  Provided information on influenza and the importance of children and seniors to get flu shots, which are offered at many locations.
  • Streets & Highways:  Jeffrey Lin   No report.
  • Water & Utility Services:  Joan Licari:  Reported on status of transmission line construction and trail closures in the hills near Hacienda Heights.  She also advised that it is the 40th anniversary of passage of the Clean Water Act.
  • Zoning:  Shan Lee:  Reported that six applications have been filed to upgrade existing cell phone towers in Hacienda Heights.  One is located near Grazide Elementary School.


John Eckman requested Board members to review the summary of HHIA Chair Duties and Responsibilities and provide comments back to Mike Williams.


  • Mail from the Industry Processing Center is now sent to Santa Ana for processing, adding 1-2 days to delivery times.  Postal Service is considering closing the service desk in Industry.
  • MRSA, a antibiotic resistant staphylococcus infection, now causes more deaths than AIDS.
  • Concern was expressed regarding deteriorated condition of the Joy Sauna sign on Hacienda
  • A resident expressed concern about street parking of a large motor home near Cas Blanca.


ADJOURNMENT:  Meeting adjourned at 9:01 P.M.

PREPARED BY:  Jeff Yann, Secretary