Meeting Minutes- August 20, 2012

The Hacienda Heights Improvement Association

Meeting Minutes

August 20, 2012

LOCATION:  Hacienda La Puente Unified School District, 15959 E. Gale Ave., Industry, CA


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE:  The Pledge was led by Hanny Zamora


John Eckman, Maury Edwards, Chris Kakimi, Shan Lee, Joan Licari, Jeffrey Lin, Lucy Pedregon, Mike Williams, Jeff Yann, Adria Ybarra, Hanny Zamora

MINUTES:   Minutes of the July 16, 2012 meeting were approved with one correction by Maury Edwards to change the number of volunteers for Jim Davis Beautification Day to 187.

TREASURER’s REPORT:  Expenditures of $22.75 were recorded.  Receipts of $54.57 from interest and reimbursements for name plates from Joan Licari and Jeff Yann resulted in an account balance of $5,613.61.


Town Sheriff Brian Sanford reported that burglaries and general crimes in Hacienda Heights have dropped 26% in the most recent reporting period.  Sheriff’s Department is still seeking neighborhood Watch volunteers.  A question was asked about security problems reported near the Aztecas Restaurant at Hacienda and Gale.  Sheriff Sanford responded that no problems have been observed there other than homeless people who gather behind the building near the car wash.


In the absence of a formal program, Mr. David Malkin provided information about Kiwanis programs and invited Board and audience members to attend Kiwanis’ Installation Dinner on September 29.


Dickie Simmons reported on the Public Safety Luncheon to honor county employees responsible for significant contributions to health and safety of county residents, to be held on November 14.  He also announced an event to help homeless veterans find employment.

Dickie reported that T-Mobile has withdrawn its application for a cell tower on Kwis Avenue near Kwis Elementary School in the face of opposition from HHIA and the school district, but will likely seek a new location nearby.

He also advised that Supervisor Knabe has contributed $2,000 to support HHIA activities.

Amy Boteilho reported that September 5, 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the creation of the County Library System and the occasion will be marked with special events at all libraries on that date with continuing events throughout the following year.  During the recent heat wave, the Hacienda Heights Library has joined 21 other libraries to be open seven days a week to serve as a cooling center.

Lerna Shirinian reported that Assemblyman Calderon will be hosting a foreclosure prevention town hall meeting in Whittier to assist homeowners to stay in their homes during lean economic times.

HLPUSD Superintendent Barbara Nakaoka thanked HHIA for its support in convincing T-Mobile to withdraw its cell tower application for a location so close to an elementary school.  She also reported that test scores have risen again at district schools and the district has maintained a sound fiscal situation that has allowed it to keep all programs, including adult education, intact.  La Puente resident Anthony Duarte has replaced Board member Anita Perez, who resigned recently.  She also reported that all parties are continuing to meet to discuss solutions to traffic safety issues on Turnbull Canyon Road but that no definite solution has yet been developed for public review.

OLD BUSINESS:   No items were discussed.


Messrs. Keith Gardner and Javier  Gonzalez presented their proposal to seek a full liquor license for the Aztecas Restaurant on Haciends Blvd. near Gale Avenue, as well as include music on Sundays and evenings, as well as extend closing hours to 1:30 AM six nights per week, closing on Mondays.  Aztecas is a family owned restaurant with 15 tables and no formal bar area.  Two security guards will be employed after 8:30 PM,  Board member comments generally concerned the late hours and possible noise impacts to neighbors.


  • Code Enforcement:  Brent Palmer:   No report.  Written report provided.
  • Community Relations:   Hanny Zamora:  Reported that the July 4 Parade was a great success.  She also described the upcoming “Ticket to the Twenties” event at the Workman-Temple Homestead Museum.
  • Environment & Water:  Jeff Yann:   Reported on a successful meeting held on June 30 with staff members from County Parks and Recreation.  He also reported on a tour of the Duck Farm Project site with Project Manager Debbie Enos, who will speak at the September HHIA meeting.
  • Membership:   Adria Ybarra:  Provided a report on the large volume of responses to the membership renewal letter.  She also advised that HHIA’s 65th Anniversary Annual Dinner will be held on January 18, 2013.  Nominees for community member(s) to be honored can include any Hacienda Heights resident with final selection to be made by the Board.
  • Newsletter:  John Eckman:   A newsletter to members will be issued in August.
  • Parks & Recreation:  Maury Edwards:  Reported on upcoming events at the Homestead Muteum and Schabarum Park, where scouts responsible for 13 Eagle Scout Projects will be recognized.  He also expressed gratitude to donors and volunteers who have been able to keep many of the State Parks designated for closure at least partially open.
  • Programs & Website  Chris Kakimi:  Program for  September will feature Debbie Enos, WCA’s Project Manager for the Duck Farm project.
  • Public Relations  Mike Williams:  The San Gabriel Valley Tribune continues to announce HHIA Board meetings.  He also reported on attending the Rowland Heights Community Coordinating Council meeting where Jay Chen  was a speaker.
  • Public Safety & Health:  Lucy Pedregon:  Announced that HHIA’s parade float, which finished a close second in its parade division, was awarded a trophy originally designated for a category in which there were ultimately no entrants.
  • Streets & Highways:  Jeffrey Lin   Reported that repairs on Colima Road are nearing completion and the contract for reconstruction of Seventh Avenue has been awarded.  Signs to prevent truck parking on Gale Avenue have been approved.
  • Water & Utility Services:  Joan Licari:  Confirmed withdrawal of T-Mobile’s cell tower application previously mentioned by others.
  • Zoning:  Shan Lee:  Continued to express concerns about garage conversions which increase residency and cause excessive street parking.  Several Board members expressed comments on this subject.  Shan and Hanny Zamora will draft a letter for Board review at an upcoming meeting.


John Eckman reported that the County Housing Element is out for review, which may provide a basis for HHIA comments described in the Zoning Committee report.  He also reported on a flag retirement ceremony where aging and damaged U. S. flags are retired with dignity.

PUBLIC INPUT:  No input provided


ADJOURNMENT:  Meeting adjourned at 9:19 P.M.

PREPARED BY:  Jeff Yann, Secretary