Meeting Minutes- July 16, 2012

The Hacienda Heights Improvement Association

Meeting Minutes

July 16, 2012

LOCATION:  Hacienda La Puente Unified School District, 15959 E. Gale Ave., Industry, CA


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE:  The Pledge was led by Jeff Yann


John Eckman, Maury Edwards, Chris Kakimi, Shan Lee, Joan Licari, Brent Palmer, Lucy Pedregon, Jeff Yann

MINUTES:   Minutes of the May 21, 2012 meeting were approved on motion by Maury Edwards seconded by Joan Licari.

Minutes of the June 18, 2012 meeting were approved on motion by Maury Edwards seconded by Shan Lee.

TREASURER’s REPORT:  Expenditures of $176.72 were recorded for name plates.  Addition of $280 in net receipts from Taste of the Heights and $0.46 interest resulted in an account balance of $5,581.79.


CHP Officer Steve Branconeer reported that no arrests were made during DUI enforcement over the July 4 holiday period.  He also stated that no incidents occurred during the July 4 Parade and that the event was conducted in a very orderly fashion.  A resident reported concerns regarding unsafe left turns by vehicles turning from westbound Orange Grove Avenue onto Old Canyon Avenue.

Town Sheriff Brian Sanford reported that burglaries and general crimes have dropped significantly in Hacienda Heights in July.


Mr. Anthony Yip described activities of the newly formed Puente Hills Valley Bicycle Coalition.  This group, recently formed to advocate for bicycle safety and encourage bicycle ridership and development of safe bicycle trails in Hacienda Heights and surrounding communities, also conducts and participates in organized rides on local bikeways.  Upcoming events include rides on the San Gabriel River Trail, Whittier Greenway Trail and an event in Baldwin Park.


Dickie Simmons is on vacation this week.

Mr. James Chang reported on upcoming construction to resurface and upgrade Seventh Avenue from Palm Avenue to Clark Avenue.  Lane configurations will remain largely unchanged except that the curb on Palm Avenue will be extended to the northbound travel lane on Seventh Avenue.  The existing northbound lane in that area will become a right turn lane onto the eastbound Pomona Freeway.  Some enhancements involving landscaping and decorative stonework will also be considered.  A “Welcome to Hacienda Heights” sign will be added to the median near Denny’s restaurant.

Ms. Michelle Lynch reported on her zoning enforcement activities for the County’s Regional Planning Department.  Her responsibility involves improper uses of personal residences, including occupancy, business use, storage of junk, and too-frequent yard sales.  She stated that single family homes can house a family plus four renters, making enforcement difficult.   She also reviews improper vehicle storage.

Amy Boteilho reported that current programs at the Library are limited as preparation is in progress for resumption of the school year in early August.  Copies of the County Emergency Plan are available at the library.

OLD BUSINESS:   Discussion of Annual Meeting Recognition criteria was tabled to August.

NEW BUSINESS:  No items of new business were brought up for discussion.


  • Code Enforcement:  Brent Palmer:   Reported that he has reviewed the construction of a very large home at Olympus and Halliburton and that all aspects appear to be within code requirements.  He continues monitoring illegal signs and other reported violations.
  • Community Relations:   Hanny Zamora:  No report.
  • Environment & Water:  Jeff Yann:   Reported on results of a review of status of the Whittier Oil Field project and recommended that no Board action seems appropriate at this time.  Opportunities for further comments on traffic affecting Hacienda Heights will occur if the court finds EIR coverage of that topic was inadequate.  No action was taken by Board members.  Jeff, Mike Hughes, and John Eckman will be meeting with County Parks and Recreation personnel to discuss the future Puente Hills Landfill park.
  • Membership:   Adria Ybarra:  John Eckman reported that renewal notices are being mailed by Adria to annual members for which no email addresses are available.
  • Newsletter:  John Eckman:   A newsletter to members is being prepared for August.
  • Parks & Recreation:  Maury Edwards:  Expressed gratitude for the 137 volunteers and many organizations which helped make Jim Davis Beautification Day a great success.  He also reported on the many summer activities taking place at the Homestead Museum, Steinmetz Park and Schabarum Park.
  • Programs & Website  Chris Kakimi:  Program for  September will feature Debbie Enos, WCA’s Project Manager for the Duck Farm project.
  • Public Relations  Mike Williams:  No report.
  • Public Safety & Health:  Lucy Pedregon:  Reported on the dangers posed by distracted driving and emphasized the importance of attentiveness to the road when behind the wheel.  Distracted drivers are estimated to cause 100 deaths weekly.  She also reminded the audience to eliminate standing water which can breed Asian tiger mosquitoes, now found near Hacienda Heights.
  • Streets & Highways:  Jeffrey Lin   No report
  • Water & Utility Services:  Joan Licari:  Reported that foundation construction is occurring for new 500 kV towers in Hacienda Heights.  Residents are advised to shut doors and windows facing construction activities.  She reported that the Planning Commission hearing on the T-Mobile cell tower on Kwis Avenue will take place on August 15.
  • Zoning:  Shan Lee:  Reported that ten new cases were filed with Regional Planning in June.  He also expressed concern about increases in home occupancy in Hacienda Heights which is resulting in a larger number of cars parked in streets.  Residences are required to have two covered parking spaces.  Additional vehicles park in the streets.


John Eckman reported that the Hacienda Heights Connection has been mailed to residents.  He also advised that the Azteca Restaurant, located at the former location of Tony’s Hofbrau, is applying for entertainment and a full bar.

PUBLIC INPUT:  A question was raised regarding possible impacts from AB1484, believed to assess fees on local governments, on future funding for County programs in Hacienda Heights.

Jean Robsen requested volunteers to solicit donations from local businesses to support HHIA’s 65th Anniversary dinner.


ADJOURNMENT:  Meeting adjourned at 9:10 P.M.

PREPARED BY:  Jeff Yann, Secretary